How to make the most of your restaurant’s garden now the warmer weather is here

Winter has been clinging on for what seems like an eternity this year. But with spring finally arriving and summer just around the corner, your restaurant’s garden is going to become the centre of attention.

Here are a few tips to help you optimise the way you use this space, giving customers the best experience and […]

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10 quotes from restaurant royalty to inspire your independent restaurant

Looking for a bit of inspiration from the big hitters in the restaurant biz?

We’ve put together 10 quotes from the leading lights of the industry, past and present, to stir up your entrepreneurial spirit.

1. “Food is life, life is food. If you don’t like my approach you are welcome to go down to McDonalds” – […]

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7 reasons you should work for a family restaurant

Working for a family restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding experience – especially if you’ve spent your career under the thumb of the big chains and need a fresh start.

But what are the benefits of making the switch?

Here are seven reasons to get you motivated:
1. Commitment
National restaurant chains can feel like faceless entities, with locations […]

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Make the impossible, possible: how to open a restaurant with zero cash

If your dream is to open your own restaurant, then doing so with very little cash can be a daunting, but incredibly rewarding experience.

Many of the most successful businesses in the world started small and grew as result of sheer hard graft and determination.

Your restaurant could be the same.

Consider these tips if you’re thinking about […]

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6 pieces of future tech independent restaurants will enjoy – soon

Technology is used to enhanced almost every area of our lives these days, and when it comes to dining out, guests increasingly expect restaurants to offer the same tech wonders they’re used to at home.

From the now familiar tableside contactless payment facilities, to new and innovative ordering apps and virtual reality entertainment, here’s six pieces […]

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5 ways to use video marketing to promote your restaurant

Video marketing is a great way to promote your restaurant business. After all, what better way to demonstrate just how tasty your food is than to show it in the flesh?

Video restaurant marketing has come a long way since the days of badly made home videos that displayed cold plates of unappetising fare through, shaky, […]

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How to Deal with No-Show Diners at Your Restaurant

In these uncertain economic times, as one new restaurant opens, another often closes.

Being able to fill enough covers to make your business profitable on a regular basis is the key to success in the restaurant industry, and customers who book tables but fail to show up are single handedly costing you money.

There are, however, ways […]

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6 Ways To Market Your Restaurant’s Spring Menu

With the winter almost over, now is a great time to identify new ways to entice your customers into your eatery with a little bit of spring flavour.

From fresh flowers to Easter themed menus, spring is the perfect time to start a new marketing chapter for your restaurant.
1. Reconnect with existing customers
You may have bamboozled […]

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5 ways to really cheese off your restaurant staff

A sure-fire way to retain staff in your restaurant is to avoid upsetting them.

Sound obvious? Maybe, but the restaurant trade is hectic, and the task of running an establishment is littered with opportunities to inadvertently create your own HR disaster.

Brilliant managers and restaurant owners aren’t perfect in this regard, either – they make mistakes like […]

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5 restaurant Valentine’s Day ideas diners will love

Love is in the air. Unless, of course, you’re staring at a reservation diary for your restaurant and there’s a big fat zero against the 14th February.

Tempting people out on Valentine’s Day isn’t as easy as some might think. As a restaurateur, you have to come up with ever more creative ideas to lure them […]

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