Love is in the air. Unless, of course, you’re staring at a reservation diary for your restaurant and there’s a big fat zero against the 14th February.

Tempting people out on Valentine’s Day isn’t as easy as some might think. As a restaurateur, you have to come up with ever more creative ideas to lure them away from a comfy sofa, box set and takeaway.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d give you a helping hand by putting together 5 romantic ideas your guests will love:

1. Reach out to the single crowd

This might seem like an odd one, but it’s easy to forget that Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a downer for the single crowd.

Some couldn’t give two hoots, while others will vehemently avoid anything to do with it. So, why not play to the latter and stage a tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day singles night? You might be surprised how popular it is…

2. Put your gift cards to work

There’ll be plenty of people hunting for last minute presents on 14th February, and a standard, go-to idea many will settle on will be a romantic meal out.

If you have gift cards that have been tough to shift, putting them to work on the lead up to Valentine’s is a solid idea.

Promote the availability of your gift cards relentlessly on social media and on your tables – you’ll shift plenty.

3. Cater for families

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be purely for couples, and with plenty of people unable to find a babysitter for the night, there’s no reason you can’t welcome the little ones, too.

Spread the love and make Valentine’s Day an event for the whole family by putting on a special menu or deal that encourages people to come as a pack!

4. Host a cooking masterclass with your chef

Cooking can be a very romantic thing to do as a couple, so why not stage a cooking masterclass on the 14th?

If you’re chef is up for it (they usually are, if it involves showing off), guests could be treated to a direct, hands-on insight into how your Valentine’s menu is prepared and cooked.

Modern restaurant guests typically look for experiences over simple meals out, and this is a great way to deliver something that is far more than a standard night out.

5. Theme it

There are far too many boring Valentine’s themes that have been replayed in restaurants time and again. Your establishment will stand out from the crowd if it does something a little different.

You could theme it around a particular film (When Harry Met Sally, anyone?), decade or even put on a live band if you have the space. Get creative – not ‘love is in the air’ – with your Valentine’s theme.

Wrapping up

Valentine’s Day should be a bumper day for your restaurant. Make it so with our ideas above!

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