5 ways to create an unforgettable dining experience in a UK restaurant

You’ll want to make the experience of eating at your restaurant as memorable as possible for your guests.

This isn’t just about getting people to come back again in the future, either; it’s about building word-of-mouth momentum behind your business and winning more bookings.

Here are just a few ways to get guests talking when they dine […]

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Last minute World Cup marketing ideas for restaurants

The World Cup’s underway and the England players already seem intent on putting the entire country through an emotional rollercoaster (as they do at every major tournament).

For independent restaurants, the arrival of the World Cup might feel like it could reduce bookings as people choose to stay at home to watch the match, or head […]

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7 UK restaurant industry stats for 2018 that will inspire confidence

Consumer uncertainty and political instability may reign in 2018, but these restaurant industry stats gathered from the year so far will prove that it’s not all doom and gloom at the moment!
1. The industry is worth over £20 billion to the economy
However rocky the market may seem today, the fact that British restaurants contributed £20 […]

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A guide to profit-boosting restaurant discounts

Everyone loves a bargain, so if you want to get more people through the door at your restaurant, a tempting discount remains one of the quickest ways to boost bookings.

The problem comes when you overstretch yourself and find that discounts are hurting your bottom line. And it’s a fine line to tread, if you’ll pardon […]

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Is Uber a threat to the restaurant industry?

Uber is one of the most influential yet controversial companies to have emerged in the past decade.

Its app-powered ride-hailing service has disrupted the traditional taxi industry, as well as extending its tendrils into other sectors.

The latest evidence suggests that even restaurants could be suffering from the rise of Uber, with research from TDn2K showing that […]

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GDPR – Last minute checklist for your restaurant

Panic about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been building for months, but as long as your restaurant has taken the proper precautions, its arrival shouldn’t be too daunting.

To give you total peace of mind, here’s a helpful checklist so that you can make any last-minute changes you need to comply with the GDPR […]

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How to ensure your staff love your restaurant and become brand advocates

Restaurant branding might seem like it’s only suitable for the big boys; those corporate entities that cajole staff into conforming to a set of rigid expectations.

In spite of this, independent restaurants shouldn’t dismiss the idea of ensuring their employees are effective ambassadors for the brand they’ve developed.

Here’s a look at how you can turn staff […]

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5 reasons you need a cloud-based table booking system

The cloud is a seriously important resource for businesses in every industry, making cutting-edge software solutions available to organisations of all sizes.

With a cloud-based table booking system, even independent restaurants can use technology to optimise the way they engage with customers.

Here are 5 reasons you should harness this type of platform today:
You’ll want your table […]

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How to handle sticky situations table-side in your restaurant

‘The customer is always right’ is a mantra that many businesses repeat to employees. But when something goes wrong in a restaurant, and table-side tensions are high, it can be difficult for waiting staff and managers to control the situation (or agree with that sentiment).

Ideally, you should aim to make sure that every diner leaves […]

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Why are the big chain restaurants closing?

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper these days without coming across a story about a nationally-known chain of restaurants hitting the skids.

It’s not just major firms like Byron Burger and Prezzo that are teetering on the edge of oblivion; outlets operated by celebrity chefs are also up for the chop.

Jamie’s Italian is a great […]

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