Welcome Table Restaurant Booking System

Welcome Table is a UK-based all-inclusive online table booking system for restaurants of all sizes.

We empower restaurateurs to better manage their bookings, diary and capacity as well as providing would-be diners with real-time booking availability. Book Yourself Full.

Why use Welcome Table?

What you get…

Web-based diary and table viewer

A bird’s eye view of your restaurant’s capacity and bookings, day-by-day, accessible from any PC, Mac or tablet with an internet connection. Leave your restaurant, but never leave your diary.

No commission bills

Welcome Table is available for one, flat monthly fee (with free setup). We don’t charge a penny extra for bookings taken via your website. And that’s the way it’ll always be.

Revealing reporting

Need a daily covers report? What about book ahead stats? Perhaps you want to know which time slots are busy and which you need to start working on. Whatever it is you want to know about your business, Welcome Table has the answer.

Increased revenue

If you’re not offering diners the ability to book online, you’re missing out. Simple. Add Welcome Table’s booking widget to your website and watch your revenues grow. Close your doors and put your feet up, but never stop taking bookings.

What your guests get…

Easy online booking

By adding the Welcome Table booking widget to your website, diners can check table availability and book within seconds. They’ll love the ability to quickly pick a convenient time without picking up the phone.

Mobile-ready online booking

No matter what device your customers have to hand, they’ll be able to book a table at your restaurant quickly and easily. Welcome Table works perfectly on tablets and smartphones of all sizes.

Real-time availability

Keeping your restaurant’s availability up-to-date is effortless on your part. Literally. Welcome Table will do the work for you by displaying real-time availability to both staff and online bookers.

Quick telephone bookings

The online booking revolution hasn’t quite signalled the end of the telephone booking, and that’s why you can add such a reservation to Welcome Table within seconds.

Cracking customer
service and support

Welcome Table has been built with you in mind. It is intuitive, familiar and incredibly easy to get started with. We do realise, however, that you may need a helping hand now and again. That’s why, with every Welcome Table subscription you get free setup, remote training, live chat assistance and telephone support. Consider our team part of yours.

SALES: 0330 100 10 90  or sales@welcome-systems.uk

SUPPORT: 0330 100 10 90 or support@welcome-systems.uk