Christmas day is a great day for a family gathering but after finding that mums and grandmothers spend most of their day in the kitchen, family time doesn’t tend to last as long as it should.

Over the past few years there has been a significant shift in consumer habits as increasingly more people are becoming open to eating out on Christmas Day  in order to avoid the stress and expenses of cooking at home.

This year more faturkeymilies across Britain than ever before will give up on the worry of overcooking the turkey and the hassle of peeling spuds and instead will dine out. It will also help cut the costs of satisfying guests with varied tastes or those cousins and aunts you see once a year.

Most people will be heading out to their favourite restaurants, pubs or hotels as new figures released from Open Table illustrate that restaurant reservations for December 25th 2015 are 45% more than Christmas Day in 2014.

So if you have a restaurant get ready for a busy day of carving turkeys and try not to get swept off your feet!!