There’s no doubt about it, food is an absolute hit with social media. Instagram in particular is no exception, with over 170m posts tagged with #food in the description.  And with all this hype, don’t you think you deserve a cut of the action?
Our brains can process images far more quickly than we can words, for this reason alone having a strong visual representation of your restaurant can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. This, coupled with the huge rise of mobile phone internet surfing, you need to ensure there is a healthy dose of mobile-friendly content your diners can access (no wonder we have made all of our systems optimised for tablet and phone use).
Well the good news is that branching out with a bit of restaurant mobile marketing is as easy as ever! As a restauranteur you can build up a consistent image of offering up some fantastic looking grub, you just need to invest some time into regularly posting your best dishes.

So here’s our top 5 tips to help you do so:
-Consistency is the key, the chances are you don’t have a “top-notch” camera, but you can work wonders with a fairly modern smart phone. Find a method of photographing which works for you, and stick with it. You don’t want your Instagram page looking like a mismatch of random “snaps”.

-Take it easy on the filters. Filters are fantastic at helping to give you subtle sun-kissed tan, but you don’t want them washing out the colours of your food. A light spray of water can give you the desired affect you need.

-Don’t exhaust your menu too quickly! Just aim to post one foodie-photo every week or two, this way you won’t run out of dishes to post and you can keep a constant stream of photo masterpieces.

-Don’t be afraid to post the odd picture of your restaurant and it’s team, this can help add touch of empathy with your diners.

-And finally, remember to use the appropriate hashtags! The top 3 Instagram food hashtags being: #Foodie, #Foodporn, and #Nomnomnom.

Now, it’s one thing drumming up some interest via social media, but the next question is how you do convert them to online restaurant bookings? Well you need an online booking service which gives your customers the ability to book easily through your website, even when on their mobile phones! And that’s when you can turn to Welcome Table to save the day. With intuitive table view diary, comprehensive reports, and all online bookings included commission-free, Welcome Table really is the answer.