The cloud is a seriously important resource for businesses in every industry, making cutting-edge software solutions available to organisations of all sizes.

With a cloud-based table booking system, even independent restaurants can use technology to optimise the way they engage with customers.

Here are 5 reasons you should harness this type of platform today:


You’ll want your table booking system to reflect the unique nature of your restaurant, which is why a fully-configurable service hosted in the cloud is your best option.

A wide range of adjustable elements will be at your fingertips, such as bespoke table layouts, custom time slots and straightforward access to relevant booking data.

Guests will also appreciate being able to get up-to-the-minute information on table availability at your restaurant.

It’s usually simple to add your own branding to such systems, too, so that even a third-party booking platform can be fully integrated with the look and feel of your website.


Restaurants can rely on cloud-based table booking to be consistent, stable and always accessible. So even if your in-house hardware suffers an outage, you can still take bookings and keep up-to-date with cover numbers for the coming day.

This is not just about convenience, but about preserving your restaurant’s reputation. Whether you operate a single site or manage multiple locations, you can’t afford to disappoint customers with a dodgy digital presence.


This is another area in which customer expectations are higher than ever. You’ll need to be able to cater to their needs effectively on smartphones and tablets, since portable gadgets are the go-to device for web browsing amongst the majority of Brits.

A cloud-based solution will not only help guests book tables on the move, but will also open up all of the features of the platform to restaurant managers while they’re out and about.

This ties in with the flexibility and resilience of this type of platform, since you can still review bookings and make changes, even if you’re away from the restaurant for any reason.


A good table booking system isn’t just about getting people through the door; it’s also about helping you to look at how your restaurant is performing and acting on these insights.

Tracking KPIs (key performance indicators), reviewing sales data and using reports to get an in-depth overview of every aspect of your business is achievable with the right cloud-base system.

You can even add in guest reviews, create email marketing campaigns, provide offers to prospective customers and do much more, besides.

A cloud-powered system will scale to suit your needs and offer bolt-on benefits to help your restaurant thrive.


The scalability of the cloud goes hand-in-hand with the cost-effectiveness of the table booking systems that it can host.

You’ll never need to fork out for expensive hardware upfront or pay through the nose to maintain an on-site setup over time.

Instead, in the software-as-a-service ecosystem, you can pay a monthly subscription that adapts according to your needs.

Wrapping up

With no commission to worry about, as well as unlimited bookings for all users, it’s no wonder that Welcome Table has become a favourite among up and coming and established restaurants.

The secret of its success lie in its cloud-based infrastructure, which offers flexible features and impressive functions at a competitive price.