Nowadays, there always seems to be more bad reviews about restaurants than good reviews. Most of the reviews reflect the service customers encounter in a restaurant during busy times. We all know what can happen when restaurants get busy… the service becomes slower, orders get confused and basically everything just begins to go the wrong way!  From a customer’s point of view, this really isn’t the ideal situation they want to be in. All they want is to enjoy a nice meal and it can also be extremely stressful for you.

Ever had customers turn up to your restaurant saying they’ve made a reservation but their reservation was missing? Or ever double booked a customer? Or accidently booked your customer in for the wrong time? Well, we understand that this is can be slightly embarrassing. Ever wonder how to make the running of your business a whole lot smoother?  If you think about it, it would be impossible for kitchen staff to operate without kitchen facilities such as work tops, an oven, etc. So why let your waiters operate without an effective restaurant booking system to help them do their job more successfully. That’s where our fabulous creation Welcome Table can help. Whatever the situation, our brand new all-inclusive restaurant booking system will help make teat_72dpi_400pxhe running of your restaurant a whole lot easier and stress free. It better empowers restaurateurs to manage bookings so that customers receive the best experience from when they arrive until they leave.

With no commission bills (ever!!) and starting at just £59+VAT a month, Welcome Table will help increase your businesses revenue and satisfy your customers so you’ll never have to worry about receiving a bad review.  It re
ally will make you and your customer’s want to ‘book yourselves full’.

For more information on Welcome Table or to try our demo, get in touch today and our team will be happy to assist you.