Since Amazon’s venture into the travel industry was abandoned following their Amazon Destination service pulling the plug on selling hotel reservations, the company has decided to emerge into a new market which seems to be a success so far. We all associate Amazon to be a market place for purchasing goods such as gadgets and books but now the American company is taking things a step further and adding a food delivery service to the menu.

Since the debut of ‘Amazon Fresh’ in Seattle, the app has already been introduced in many other cities across the United States, Germany and Japan. However, Amazon has decided to take things further and raise competition for ‘The Big Four’ supermarkets as they introduced their home delivery service ‘Amazon Pantry’ into Birmingham and some parts of London during late September. The service will be rolled out across the UK in early January according to Retail Week.

The new pantry service offers Amazon Prime members a large variety with more than 4000 everyday essentials and items including major brands of foods and drinks.

The telegraph stated that according to the IDG  the online grocery market is expected to be double in value to £17 billion by 2019 in the UK online.

We have heard that other tech companies are also looking into expanding into the food deliv
ery market. Google Express will begin to test a fresh food delivery service in the US later this year, whilst Uber has trialled a food service which includes delivering restaurant style meals to customer’s doorsteps.

So watch out guys, these companies are no longer fighting to take over your mobile phone, they want to deliver your grocery shopping too!