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The restaurant industry is an exciting, dynamic place. By 2017, the market in the UK alone is expected to be worth £52bn, dispelling any myths that a turbulent economic backdrop is doing anything to dampen the enthusiasm of diners.

A career in the restaurant sector can be rewarding, challenging and character-building in equal measure and, if you’ve decided to pursue a job as manager of an establishment, you’ll no doubt have a long list of questions about how to land such a position.

In this post, we’ve got 6 tips for doing just that. We’re going to assume that you’ve spent some time at the sharp end of the restaurant business either as a front of house operative, behind the bar or within the kitchen.

Without further ado, here’s how you can land that restaurant manager job.

1. Finish your education

Yikes. I bet you weren’t expecting this. Back to school? Well, not quite, but most restaurant manager positions these days require some form of HND or degree. You may have one already but, if not, heading back to the classroom could be one of the best things you do. Consider undertaking one of the following subjects:

  • Business or management;
  • Hotel and catering;
  • Hospitality management.

2. Consider the type of restaurant you want to manage

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to focus your efforts on the type you’d like to manage. The size, type of clientele and culinary style are all elements to consider.

Does the thought of ensuring 200 covers are well catered for on a nightly basis fill you with excitement or does the intimacy of a family-run diner get your juices flowing?

3. Create an award-winning CV

Don’t worry – it’s a play on words above; CVs aren’t expected to win awards. They are, however, designed to paint a picture of your abilities, experience and tastes. If you’re going for a restaurant manager job, you’ll need to give yours a spring clean.

Include every job and experience you’ve had in hospitality, no matter how small. Demonstrate that you’re not afraid to work the floor and get your hands dirty. Show a flair for food, too; include a section which describes your passion for all things culinary and your capable palate (it’s not just the chef who needs such a skill).

4. Search for job postings online and knock on doors

The internet is full of excellent job resources such as Monster but in the restaurant industry, you have a unique opportunity to knock on doors. Tour your local restaurants and walk into each establishment with your head held high. Tell them you want to break into restaurant management and leave that brilliant CV with them.

In the digital age, door-to-door job hunting may seem a little old fashioned, but in doing so, you’ll demonstrate your determination to find the right career. Your enthusiasm will be well received by any business owner worth their salt.

5. Network

Keep an eye on local networking events. Hospitality-related seminars and exhibitions are great ways to meet industry peers and, potentially, future employers. Get out and meet people and make a name for yourself; word travel fast in this industry.

6. Eat out regularly

Good news! You’re one of the few people who can claim a night out at a restaurant is an ‘investment’ because it is just that; dining out regularly is one of the best ways to keep an eye on how successful restaurants are managed.

Keep a notepad close by and record your observations – they could come in handy during those all important interviews.


We hope the above list proves useful during your hunt for that restaurant manager job. It’s out there and you absolutely deserve it, but follow these tips and you’ll avoid the common pitfalls.

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