In a world of content marketing, a multitude of social media channels and pay-per-click advertising, you’d be forgiven for assuming that website directories are a bit… well, 90s.

We’ve got news for you – online business listing websites are as relevant now as they ever were. And the reason is simple – modern consumers love to shop around and conduct research before they commit to spending a penny on any product or service. That means to be found, your website needs to spread its wings very wide indeed online.

As a restauranteur, you need to focus on the following to ensure a great, prominent web presence:

  • A beautiful, engaging restaurant website
  • A brilliant online table booking system
  • Active social media presences
  • Listings on as many online directories as possible

To help you get started, we’re going to focus on the latter, and list eight essential website directories you need to list your restaurant on as soon as possible:

1. Yelp

Founded in October 2004, Yelp is one of the oldest online directories, but it has moved impressively with the times. It remains a great place for finding local businesses and reviews.

Add your restaurant to Yelp

2. TripAdvisor

Too easily dismissed as purely a review website, TripAdvisor is a vital business listing service for restaurants. In fact, yours is probably already on there – claim that listing!

Add your restaurant to TripAdvisor

3. Yellow Pages

Remember that big Yellow book that used to drop on your doormat every now and again? The web-based version remains a brilliant way to get your restaurant in front of lots of eyes.

Add your restaurant to Yellow Pages

4. Yahoo

Multiple data breaches aside, Yahoo is still a very useful online business listing directory and includes reviews, ratings and directions. Get on there!

Add your restaurant to Yahoo

5. Bing

Bing stands for ’Because it’s not Google’, and that’s as good a reason as any to add your restaurant to Microsoft’s popular online search tool.

Add your restaurant to Bing

6. Foursquare

Having grown from what was originally a mobile app that enabled people to ‘check-in’ to businesses and locations, Foursquare is now a great directory listing site and has remained true to its crowd-sourced roots.

Add your restaurant to Foursquare

7. Google My Business

Once known as Google Places, Google My Business is one of the most important directories to which you can add your restaurant’s details. Take your time and create a thorough listing – it’s worth the effort.

Add your restaurant to Google My Business

8. Thomson Local

Another directory many of us will recall dropping through the letterbox. Thomson Local is still relevant today, and adding your restaurant business takes just sixty seconds.

Add your restaurant to Thomson Local

Wrapping up

You may be cursing our ability to add yet more items to your to-do list, but the good news is you’ll only have to add your restaurant to the above services once.

Set aside a couple of hours and get your restaurant listed on all of the directories we’ve suggested – just one reservation from each will ensure your time wasn’t wasted!

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