US restaurants cutting sugar from menus

According to a recent report, more Americans are attempting to cut sugar from their diet. And, not being one to miss out on an opportunity, the restaurant industry in the US has leapt on this admirable health kick by gradually removing sugar from its menus.

In our blog of the week, Business Insider looks more closely at the American ‘anti-sugar trend’ which is viewed as a ‘backlash from a sugar-soaked nation’. With US citizens apparently consuming 30% more sugar than that they did three decades ago, the sudden desire to cut that particular ingredient from their food is no surprise.

Burgers, pizzas and McDonald’s buns are just some of the American stalwarts that have seen sugar removed completely from their makeup and, with the ingredient typically used to boost flavours, we’d agree with Business Insider – restaurants are going to have to work doubly hard to keep customers coming back for more.

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