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You can never stop learning as a restauranteur. And, rather conveniently, you have in front of you a device that opens a window to an enormous amount of material that will help you fill dead tables, raise overall profitability and create menus and dining experiences that will ensure your business is the talk of the town.

In this post, we’ve picked out some brilliant online resources for restaurant owners. Bookmark them and sign up to a service like Pocket, to ensure you can quickly save the articles that take your fancy and digest them at your leisure once the last guest has departed your restaurant.

Here are the 5 restaurant blogs restaurateurs should keep a daily eye on:

1. Foodable

Any website that focuses on one of life’s greatest pleasures gets our nod, but Foodable is one of the best examples of no-nonsense food blogging we’ve seen and is a fantastic resource for restaurants.

Presented by the Web TV Network, Foodable combines well-written industry commentary with engaging videos. You’ll find everything from regulatory tips to customer psychology nestled within its pages along with a welcome dose of reporting from the National Restaurant Association.


2. Ctuit

Ctuit is primarily a software developer and supplier of business intelligence solutions to the restaurant sector, but they keep a really informative blog going, too.

Posts are short and sharp, but boast headlines that never fail to get the inquisitive restaurant owner or industry observer clicking. Perfect for quickly catching up on the latest trends and advice during your break.


3. Restaurant Den

The Restaurant Den blog focuses on delivering marketing and tech advice, and, just like Ctuit, they favour short, sharp pieces of learning material over hefty tomes no one has time to read.

Recent articles cover a wide range of topics, including Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants, food truck design ideas and a great introduction to POS systems for the uninitiated.

Restaurant Den

4. Uncorkd

With a name you’re unlikely to forget, the Uncorkd blog regularly publishes fantastically detailed posts on everything from dealing with the many quirks of restaurant staff to unique ideas for creating engaging training sessions.

Uncorkd are also software vendor and offer a compelling digital menu solution which is certainly worth checking out.


5. Restaurant Business

More of a traditional online magazine than a blog, Restaurant Business contains fantastic editorial work from its in-house writers with spicy headlines such as ‘New concepts that give a cluck’ and ‘Is another coffee war perking?’.

You’ll also find a treasure trove of menu ideas and food trends buried within its many categories. You’ll keep coming back to this one time and again.

Restaurant Business

Have we missed something?

We hope you enjoy our suggestions above, but if you feel we’ve missed a killer blog, online news site or restaurant magazine that continues to help you take your restaurant onto bigger and better things, please let us know in the comments and we’ll update the above list accordingly.

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