Evolution is natural, change is inevitable and curiosity means the food industry will always be a fast paced one because people will always want to try new things.

So, what does this mean for 2019? And more importantly, how will 2019’s trends potentially affect your independent restaurant business?

We’ve put together a few of our thoughts on what trends we think we’ll see in 2019. From zero food waste to bugs, see what you think!

1. Zero food waste

We’ve really started to see momentum this year in consumers wanting knowledge about zero food waste in their homes and expecting restaurants to be leading the way in zero food waste due to the sheer amount of produce that goes through the kitchens.

From giving surplus to charity or using peelings in creative ways, if you’re tackling zero food waste in your kitchen – showcase it!

2. Palm oil free

When we’re just one person or one business, it can be hard to see how we can make an impact on an issue that seems so far away. However, while in past years the issue of deforestation due to palm oil and the effects that’s having on wildlife and the wider environment has been largely ignored, now people aren’t ignoring it and food is at the centre of the argument.

3. Clear labelling

2018 has been rocked by national news stories of death due to unclear allergy labelling.

Allergies in consumers is on the rise, and anyone providing food not only from a legal standpoint, but also from a moral one, needs to display allergens clearly.

Forget ‘please ask your server’ signs – these aren’t good enough. Instead, take a walk around your restaurant and think like a customer; what’s the most transparent way of displaying the ingredients you’ve used?

4. Food allergies

Whether it’s down to more knowledge around food allergies, or as some have suggested, the introduction of so many possessed foods, food allergies and intolerances are on the rise. This means products are increasingly being developed to cater for those who suffer.

Within restaurants however, there’s still a lack of options available, so could you fill the gap?

5. Bugs

Now, whether the idea of eating insects appeals to you or not, products like satay cockroaches and crispy protein bug selections are crawling their way onto shelves.

With a major selling point of being high in protein, could they enjoy popularity in 2019? Would you want to add them to the menu?

Wrapping up

Evolution always brings new challenges. The above might affect you or not even touch the sides. However, to keep people coming through the doors, it’s important to know what the consumer wants and how you can accommodate that.

As for the bugs… gourmet grubs anyone?