You’re not a fast-food outlet, but you do understand how important it is to increase the throughput of guests in your restaurant if you’re to deliver a quality dining experience to the maximum number of covers.

Of course, the guests themselves don’t know this – and they certainly shouldn’t be aware of it – but in order to remain profitable and ensure each and every piece of stock you invest in is put to good use, your service needs to streamlined.

We think there’s three ways to do this that won’t cost you a fortune, won’t impact the guest experience and will set you apart from the competition.

1. Buy mobile tech for waiting staff

Every restaurant has experienced the frustration that comes from having a congested till area.

If you offer table service, this usually results in several waiting staff queuing to use a single till, while if you’re strictly an ‘order at the bar’ venue, you’ll have the identical problem with diners.

Whichever way you swing it, this isn’t good – at all. But there is an answer.

By investing in handheld technology for your waiting staff, you’ll eradicate any ordering or bill paying bottlenecks from the service. With a mobile waiter pad, staff can take orders table side that are immediately sent back to the kitchen, and offer guests the ability to pay via contactless without ever having to leave their seat.

2. Speak to guests

Do you fear TripAdvisor reviews? Does the thought of guest feedback on social media fill you with dread? If so, you’re missing a trick.

Granted – some feedback you receive online is particularly hard to bear, but among the bad, shouty stuff you’ll find genuine, constructive feedback that will help you speed up your service and remove any bottlenecks you had no idea existed.

What’s more, you can save yourself from online scorn by asking for feedback at the end of the meal. This doesn’t need to be done via a complicated form, either; if waiting staff simply ask “how was your experience with us today?” they might uncover vital feedback that may otherwise have made its way onto an online review platform.

3. Get serious with employee incentives

Are your staff motivated to deliver the best possible dining experience from the moment they clock in to the point at which they unclip their name badge?

By incentivising your staff properly, you’ll increase their motivation considerably. Whether it’s a monetary reward, a simple, heart-felt pat on the back or an off-the-cuff trip to the local go karting track, incentives will also encourage them to work more effectively as a team, and there’s no better way to raise the service offering and reduce average table turnaround times.

Wrapping up

There’s a fine line between delivering an efficient service and one that feels rushed, but if you use our tips above, you’ll create a restaurant experience that results in repeat bookings.

The most important tip we’ve offered today? Guest feedback! Always listen to the people who place money into your bank account; their advice might sometimes feel like a slap in the face, but they’ve nearly always got a point and will help you significantly increase the number of covers your team is capable of serving.