4 things you’re getting totally wrong with your restaurant marketing plan

It doesn’t make any sense.

Why is your restaurant practically empty every Friday night? You spent ages on that marketing campaign to draw punters in over the weekend, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

What’s more, you’ve noticed that cover numbers have been steadily reducing overall.

Why isn’t your restaurant marketing plan working?

The answer might be lying […]

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3 ways restaurants can use big data

If you Google ‘what is big data’, the answer you receive is likely to be something along the lines of:

“Big data refers to extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.”

In normal human speak, that simply means a huge amount of […]

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The 5 most important pieces of restaurant technology

There has never been a more exciting time to own a restaurant.

Competition may be fierce, but the wealth of technologies that are now available to budding entrepreneurs looking to make it big in the restaurant trade have opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

The many ways you can market your restaurant in the digital […]

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5 common mistakes made by new waiting staff

They’re usually the first and last people diners come into contact with and the experience they create is arguably as important as that of the food.

Waiting staff are the beating heart of every restaurant operation, and mistakes made by the team in charge of serving customers will have a significant impact on the likelihood of a […]

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What does the future of restaurant payment technology look like?

Cash is fast becoming a legacy form of payment. According to the UK Cards Association, there are 104 million contactless cards currently in use, with the average transaction value hovering at around £9.

This stands to reason; if you’ve ever used a contactless payment card (and, judging by those statistics, you probably have), you’ll know how […]

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Back to basics: how to attract more customers to your restaurant

Restauranteurs always strive for more. Better menus; tighter cost control; the next best piece of restaurant tech – and not to forget the all-important growing list of return customers.

Despite the limitations set by your restaurant’s capacity, you should never quell the urge to attract as many diners as possible. However, the best menu in the […]

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6 characteristics of brilliant restaurant managers

We all remember the best managers we’ve worked under. Equally, we remember those who caused nothing but problems.

If you’re a restaurant manager, which of the two would you rather be?

Managing a team in a busy (or quiet, for that matter) restaurant is very hard work indeed, and can test the patience of even the strongest, […]

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How to improve your restaurant’s bottom line

Integral to the success of your restaurant is the ability to maintain a healthy bottom line. But remaining profitable in a market as challenging as this one is no mean feat.

The little things add up – quickly; costs you’ve long since forgotten will quietly eat away at both your cash flow and profit; unexpected outlays […]

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Blog of the week: Major restaurants installing music systems which make you spend 10pc more (The Telegraph)

Can music force us to spend more on food?

Several big name restaurant chains appear to think so, with McDonalds, Wagamama and TGI Fridays among the giants of the industry who are signing up to the Spotify-backed service, Soundtrack Your Brand. By generating playlists for business that are tailored to their brand and tuned to put customers […]

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7 things to consider when buying a restaurant POS system

The humble point of sale (POS) system is now an essential restaurant tool in a marketplace driven by technology.

Put simply, if your restaurant doesn’t have a modern POS system, it’ll struggle to retain the best staff and keep diners happy – the two things by which every restauranteur lives or dies.

However, with technological change and […]

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