How to serve food to the Instagram generation (guest post)

The millennial market can be tough to crack. Mike Hardman, from catering equipment retailer Alliance Online, shares his top tips for attracting millennial diners with Instagram-ready dishes.

The millennial appetite for restaurant dining shows no signs of diminishing. With 54% of 18–34-year-olds spending the majority of their disposable income on eating out (Experian), it’s clear that […]

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How to bring more baby boomers into your restaurant

Millennials, millennials, millennials – that’s all we seem to hear these days.

But what if, as a restaurateur, you have plenty of this particular generation already sat at your tables? What about the generation that it’s assumed is hoarding significant amounts of disposable income?

You want in on that, clearly, and while you may have been tempted […]

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Creative ways to supercharge restaurant receipts

A receipt’s just a receipt, right?


It may well have been a standard element of the restaurant dining experience for decades, but these little slips of paper can do an awful lot more for your business.

Anyone who works in the restaurant sector and, indeed, those who enjoy it as punters, will know that it remains one […]

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How to be a better restaurant manager

If you’ve had a particularly bad week at the restaurant, read the title of this blog post and decided to click, expecting miracles – think again.

There is no silver bullet to becoming a great restaurant manager. And you know why? Because it’s one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

It’s virtually impossible to describe why […]

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6 of our most popular restaurateur advice blog posts

Over the last few years, we’ve provided a tonne of clear, actionable advice for restaurateurs.

However, if you’re new to our blog or have only just signed up to the mailing list (see the bottom of this page if you haven’t!), you may have missed out on our most popular posts.

Today, we’d like to point you in […]

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How to lure people away from takeaways and into your restaurant

New research suggests that intrusive background noise is forcing 43% of diners to opt for takeaway meals over restaurants.

The online survey quizzed 1,200 members of the general public and found that – perhaps unsurprisingly – the ideal level of background noise in a restaurant for the vast majority (70%) of people is conversational ‘buzz’.

So, if […]

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4 awesome blogging ideas for your restaurant website

Remember that blog page you created for your restaurant website six months ago?

It started off with the best of intentions, but has since lay dormant and bereft of anything even remotely useful for your audience or business.

Well, it’s time to turn that digital graveyard into something far more interesting; something that will build an audience, […]

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What can restauranteurs learn from the fast-food trends of 2018?

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, but keeping up with it as an independent operator is incredibly challenging.

The new wave of restaurant tech and constantly changing guest habits (both in-house and online) means restaurants have to continually pivot their operation and come up with ever more inventive ways to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re […]

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How to prepare your restaurant for the GDPR

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect and change the way businesses are expected to process and store personal data.

Expect to hear ‘GDPR’ a fair bit in the media leading up to that date. And, just like the introduction of the Data Protection Act (which the GDPR replaces) in […]

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10 duties your waiting staff need to master

Waiting staff have a lot on their plates – literally.

Far from simply taking and delivering orders, they’re the face of the business; they need to be prompt, friendly, reliable and overtly dedicated to the job.

A poor dining experience can either be their doing or something they can turn around.

Sometimes, it’s a thankless job; often, it’s […]

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